Why Russell and Dawson

We forge trust in each relationship and believe that our earning lies in our customer’s satisfaction and not just in monetary or business profits.

We believe in keeping our clients’ interest before our business interests. By standing high on operational excellence, we believe in delivering a project as per the requirements of our clients. We believe that our clients are the only reason behind our existence and success and this has made us committed to our client’s expectations, making us a customer-centric company in all respects. We breathe our client’s problems and brainstorm solutions in a set time frame. This has made us a trustworthy A&E company with 90% client retention rate. This means that 90% of our existing clients believe in us and this belief holds us together on the same page in a recursive manner.

We are driven by the passion for finding the right balance between continuity and change making us a versatile A&E firm with new-age solutions for existing architectural and engineering needs. Our true purpose is to build the future with a technological edge while staying committed to our belief in keeping every client satisfied and happy.

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