Advantages-of-Connected-Construction-Infographic by Russell and Dawson

Advantages of Connected Construction

The construction business has shown an unmatched degree of resiliency over the previous year. In exploring one of the most difficult periods in history, organizations have been compelled to adjust to a totally new approach of working—embracing new technologies, new cycles, and new mentalities.

Today pioneers have the chance to embrace and benefit from this current change and make construction more predictable, protected, and economical by taking on a system that sounds simple yet is staggeringly amazing which is Connected Construction.

Connected Construction tasks, groups, and organizations is a commendable endeavor. Breaking down project information and correspondence silos, along with interfacing groups and information assists with diminishing rework, deferrals, and hazards—while acquiring important understanding and perceivability into the whole structure process. Yet, contractors actually have a long way to bring this idea into a reality.

It’s an ideal opportunity to address these gaps and hold onto the eventual future of connected constructions to assist with relieving the interruption brought about by the pandemic, build resiliency and guarantee the business is ready to follow up on the huge changes that connected construction will bring.

The connected construction process has a ton of advantages in building construction projects. Most of the Architectural Engineering Firms have been adopting the process of connected construction from the initial phase of the project and some of them are shown below.

Advantages-of-Connected-Construction-By Russell and Dawson
Benefits of Green Building Design_Russell and Dawson

Benefits of Green Building

To reduce the environmental impact of urban communities, sustainable development is crucial. The building structures address almost 40% of the world’s emissions, and it is expected to double by 2060. Except if the new buildings and structures have green design plans, emissions will keep on developing at a similar speed.

The benefits of green structures are not just ecological – they additionally have a lower ownership cost over the long run, and they are more likely to be noticed by potential occupants. Green building owners make an extra contribution beyond what is required by law. Green building features increases the construction cost; however, they are recovered during the entire life cycle of the building by the savings achieved due to green designs. Green building owners are making efforts in achieving decarbonization targets, and they should be rewarded for it.

Some of the green design features can be Cogeneration, Fuel Cells, Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Solar thermal collectors, central chiller plant, geothermal heating and cooling, rainwater harvesting, grey and black water recycling, LED & Day lighting, occupancy sensing lighting controls, energy recovery ventilation, low flow plumbing fixtures, micro wind turbine, air filtration, electric load shifting, etc.

Russell and Dawson has successfully completed Architectural and Engineering Design Services for a green building Broward County Judicial Complex In Fort Lauderdale and achieved LEED Gold Certification.

Benefits of Green Building Design_Infographic by Russell and Dawson
Latest Commercial Design Trend_by Russell and Dawson

Latest Commercial Design Trends

2020-2021 has been a storm for essentially everybody and each industry, however particularly for workplaces, retail locations, cafés, and real estate. As health directions and guidelines changed consistently, a large number of us moved to better approaches for working, shopping, eating out, and living. Numerous working environments are vacant — or near it — and some retail stores and cafés have shut down altogether.

So in case you’re considering what 2021 has available for commercial design, you’re not the only one. Will it be unique? In any case, the uplifting news is, we’ve progressed significantly. As we become familiar with how the infection spreads, organizations can more readily adjust and change into a protected climate for clients and workers. Architectural Design Firms are continuously upgrading their designs for commercial and buildings types as per the government guidelines to make any building a better place to live in.

Latest-Commercial-Design-Trends-By Russell and Dawson
Basic Steps to carry out retrofit jobs in old building

Basic Steps to carry out Retrofit Jobs on Old Buildings

The environmental effect on structures has got progressively evident. Numerous associations perceive the worth of green buildings and sustainability as a part of their duty. Green or sustainable practices inside commercial structures produce better and more energy effective models of operations and upkeep. Architectural Design Firms are designing buildings keeping in mind green building retrofits to enhance sustainability.

Surely, a structure doesn’t need to be new to be productive. The quantity of existing, in-services buildings predominate the quantity of new development projects. Retrofits for existing structures can in this manner produce an outsized environmental effect when contrasted with an emphasis exclusively on green design and construction practices.

Green building retrofits delivers proven outcomes with negligible expense. The leading building owners have effectively drawn in green building retrofits as the way to future models of sustainability. More than narrow vertical items, horizontal platform approaches have driven interest in heaps of innovation that interoperate to deliver further efficiencies with a complete methodology.

Basic-Steps-to-carry-out-Retrofit-Jobs-on-Old-Buildings_by Russell and Dawson
Top Patient Centered Elements to be considered while Designing Hospitals_Infographic_Russell and Dawson

Top Patient Centered Elements to be considered while Designing Hospitals

Today, the patient’s experience is perceived as an instrument for improving healthcare facilities. As architects, we should focus on these patient-focused components to make positive responses for all the people inside a medical facility. For patients, these design elements have the ability to guarantee a comfortable visit for patients and their families, quicker recovery and improved results.

The Architectural Designs Firm working on the layout of a healthcare facility can improve the lives of patients. The objective is to improve internal processes in which different spaces of the emergency clinic participate to bring higher efficiency and better quality services perceived by patients.

Top Patient Centered Elements to be considered while Designing Hospitals_Infographic_Russell and Dawson
Covid19 Impact on architectural design_Infographic_Russell and Dawson

How has COVID-19 changed Architectural Design?

Hoping to react constructively to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous architects have turned to what they know best: design and innovation. The new limitations put on society have been an impetus to reexamine a lot of what we underestimate in the built environment. The manner in which the world has adjusted to this new way of life may estimate new normals following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the fact that we can’t precisely say what the future will resemble, we can inspect latest trends, strategies and ideas that have assumed immense roles during the pandemic. The accompanying patterns may lastingly affect the manner in which urban areas are planned. Architectural Design Firms have already shifted their strategies in complying with the new design changes led by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Architectural design changes due to covid19_infographic_by Russell and Dawson

Building Project Delivery Phases

Creating a building is a lengthy process. However, breaking the project into various phases assists you to organize the projects efficiently and meet the client’s expectations. The infographic gives a basic overview of the building project delivery phases which are essential to know. It allows you to schedule and plan the progress on the basis of these milestones. Sometimes these milestones or project phases are altered as per the needs of a particular project or contract. These phases are typically mentioned in the contract documents, but you might be wondering what they really mean and what you can hope to see at each stage.

Russell and Dawson Inc. has the expertise to assist you throughout the life cycle of your building projects. We are an integrated AEC firm with 50+ years of experience involving Architectural Design Services, Engineering and Design-Build Contractor Services for various verticals such as hotels, residential, commercial, healthcare, community and industrial across the northeastern region in the USA.

Building Project Delivery Phases_by Russell and Dawson