O.S.F. Flavors. Windsor, CT

Russell and Dawson Inc. OSF Flavors

Project Details

  • Property Name:  O.S.F Flavors
  • Location:  Windsor, CT
  • Project Type:  Office and Laboratories
  • Area Addition :  43,370 SQFT
  • Existing Area: 90,000 SQFT
  • Story: 2
  • Year: 2021


Area (in SQFT)
Windsor, CT
Windsor, CT
Building Addition
Services Rendered
Building Addition

Russell and Dawson Inc. provided Architectural Design Services and engineered a 22,670 sq. ft. industrial space addition and a 20,700 sq. ft. 2-story office and laboratory space addition for OSF Flavors Inc. in Windsor, CT. These additions are added to an already existing 90,000 sq.ft. warehouse building, to meet with the growing space demand for the flavor manufacturer. The addition features to serve as the North American Headquarters for the growing flavor manufacturer. The flex addition project has combined the old and the new building to convey a unified facade design to upgrade the overall exterior of the building. The steel-framed structure is clad with aluminum composite panels on the front facade. The office addition will house offices and testing laboratories for the flavors.


Project Location

Category: Industrial