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As per the recent insight shared by IE School of Architecture and Design, the urban population is expected to double in the next 40 years, forcing cities to undertake a holistic and sustainable transformation of their model. One of the most significant challenges in architecture is to optimize its current capacity for developing denser metropolitan cities and areas to offer residents a better quality of life.

Architectural design firms typically work on many small and large number of projects with outcomes that are hard to predict. Frequent changes in the requirement disrupt the normal course of activities. The design teams must be able to align at all times. Optimizing the current design and engineer the model becomes difficult. Forcing teams to put in extra hours for finishing the deliverable.

Russell and Dawson is one of the longest-serving architectural and engineering firms in the history of Connecticut, USA. It has overcome the design optimization challenges by delivering customized services across various industries. Founded in 1965, we provide integrated architectural and engineering services in New England and the Northeast regions.  Our design and engineering services include structural, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing engineering; sustainable design, and interior design.

We follow multi-disciplinary, client-first approach that makes us the A&E firm of choice in the states where we practice, as proved by our higher than 90% client retention rate. RDAEP comprises of various experienced and expert teams covering in-house architects, engineers, consultants, and technicians. Making us the one-stop destination for different architectural and engineering services.

With the urban population expected to be double in next two decades, our team is ready to innovate the rapid, massive scale architect design changes. Many design firms have limitations in-terms of capability and team scalability for delivering A&E projects. RDAEP has overcome such barriers by gaining experience and delivering 10,000+ A&E solutions to industries and sectors like Hospitality, Community, Office, Retail, Residential, Industrial, and Planning.

RDAEP’s A&E services include Architecture Design, Construction Management, Engineering, Sustainable Design and Interior Design. RDAEP also offers quality centric design services in line with the industry standards using modern technical knowledge and deliver client-specific solutions.

RDAEP has successfully helped marquee clients like Hyatt, CBRE, Broward County, Marriott, Hilton, Starwood Hotels and more. Some of our A&E projects include:

  • HVAC by upgrading the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Terminal Chiller Plant. Including the addition of one chiller and one cooling tower plus replacement of two existing cooling towers while the airport continued to function.
  • Structural Design of South Regional Courthouse Parking Garage structural beam repairs. It included the restoration of 30 structural beams and Broward County Downtown 1200 Car and 350 Car Parking Garage.
  • Interior Design of City of Lauderhill Sadkin Community Center including 20,000 square feet of interior renovations and complete building exterior envelope repair.

We have been a reliable partner, helping esteemed clients to develop considerable value in architecture design and engineering. Speed up your delivery schedule with innovative designs and solutions to increase productivity and efficiency with RDAEP. Call us on (860) 289-1100 or Contact Us for your A&E needs.

Sustainable Design Services

How to choose an architecture and engineering design company?

Every construction project starts with a vision and real need is to transform that vision into a reality. One of the most important decision is about choosing an architectural company or a design firm fitting both project needs and at the same time making financial sense. The most methodical way is to formulate a RFP and send out RFP to all architectural design companies/firms and evaluate their responses based on following three criteria.

1. Experience

The most important aspect when selecting an architectural and engineering design firm. Experience speaks a volume, how long they have been in the business and how many projects they have executed. The architecture company having diverse project experience and credentials will do the job for you. There were times when decisions were taken to hire a big firm but not any more, now who can do the job or fit against the needs.


What you need to make sure is firm’s expertise and how well that specific expertise fits into your needs. The firm providing comprehensive services will show you their past and ongoing project works and will provide customer references for you to talk to them.

3. Effectiveness

You need to discuss and evaluate following with company, you need to make sure how good is the company in their deliverable

  1. Schematic design
  2. Design development
  3. Construction documents
  4. Selection or complete management of sub-contractors
  5. Bidding or negotiation
  6. Construction Administration

What are some of the questions you should ask, here is a brief list

    • What types of services do you offer? Are you open to providing a la carte services that I need?
    • Will you design to a budget?
    • What is your experience with energy-efficient design, green building, affordable design etc.?
    • What kind of collaborative tools that you use for client communication?
    • Do you assign a single point of contact (SPoC) for every project?

Having a checklist table in RFP covering all key aspects of your needs and evaluating all responses against this checklist would be a simple process to shortlist.

Contact us and let us be your partner, we are an architectural company and engineering design services firm based out of Hartford, Connecticut, USA having experience of executing over 10,000 projects across commercial, residential, hotels, industrial, community, and government. We have been in the business since 1965 and have worked with various customers in last 50+ years. We offer comprehensive or a la carte A & E services to our customers.