Russell and Dawson is a full-service Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firm in Connecticut, USA. We are guided by what is best for our client and the project providing responsive service and quality deliverables. Our professional team maintains licenses and certifications across a wide range of disciplines. We have profound experience in architectural design services for new construction, project planning, redevelopment, facility renovations, rehabilitation, restoration, physical and technical security upgrades, exterior repairs, and construction administration.

Our Focus

Our team comprises a bunch of design thinkers, who epitomizes the principles of creativity, passion, and precision. Our energetic team is constantly motivated to evolve and develop critical design ideas, which redefine the dynamics of architecture. Russell and Dawson is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity, and we are proud of the rich variety of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives of our staff. Visualizing architectural innovation, we are earnestly committed to provide each client the best architectural design services through multi-pronged strategies like problem-solving vision and the art of ‘space-making’.

We are built around the exact services our clients need to take a project from concept to completion and do it beautifully.


Pre-Design – Emphasis on Analysis/Outlining the goals

Our team of architects’ love designing spaces – that’s what we are best at!

We listen to our clients to understand their vision and thereby lead by shaping a concise, viable and holistic design concept and architectural building program. Concept planning is basically where we figure out more or less how the building will look and operate. We follow a pragmatic modus operandi to conceptualize the desired architectural design. We perform an on-site examination of the project site for determining the existing conditions, review available site drawings, site plan alternatives and floor plan alternatives. Further, we carry out assessment of building code and zoning constraints for the approved site plan and floor plan.

  • Building Utilization Studies
  • Programming
  • Concept Design
  • Site Analysis
  • Planning
  • Standards Development

Schematic Design – Emphasis on Design

Our architects turn creative, conceptual, and innovative aspects of design concepts into reality.

We integrate existing condition, site analysis, site survey, data collection, and our client’s vision to provide guidelines for the development of design into a coherent schematic plan along with a rough cost estimate. Our schematic design documents comprise drawings and other documents illustrating general scope, scale, and relationship of the project components. Our outline design shows the proposed plan form, site plan, and appearance of the project with relation to orientation, topography, adjacent land use, utilities, and general approach to structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. Through an outline of major MEP, structural, and architectural sub-systems, we ensure that the preferred choices are the best solution to requirements of the project. We listen and observe your reactions, then refine the ideas according to your feedback until we reach an agreed-upon design direction to develop further in the following phases.

  • 2D/3D CAD Drafting, Presentations/Rendering
  • Building elevations
  • Electrical and lighting plan(s)
  • Location and site plan
  • Plumbing, heating and ventilation plan(s)
  • Preliminary code analysis
  • Preliminary furniture layouts
  • Schematic cross sections and floor plan(s)
  • Structural plans
  • Typical envelope assembly (roof, walls, and floor)

Design Development - Emphasis on Decision Making

We plan and execute the documentation well to bring the designs to life with accuracy.

We prepare a final design plan based on the input received from our client and any applicable government agencies responsible for the project approvals. We achieve the best design solution for our client using tools like AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Revit that helps us to create the best-detailed designs and plans for building elevations; building siting and proposed floor plan layouts; massing the proposed facilities, structures, and surrounding facilities; artistic renderings; material selections; and mechanical, plumbing and electrical/control systems; Systems planning, ceiling layouts, door and window locations, and preliminary room finishes are provided to define the physical parameters of the building and to facilitate the determination of probable costs. By the end of the Design Development phase, the building exterior will be more fully designed, the interior layout completed, dimensions of all spaces finalized, and most materials selected.

  • Additional building sections
  • Additional details to establish basis of design products
  • AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Revit, ArchiCAD
  • Exterior elevations with proposed design openings and finishes
  • Floor plans with proposed basis of design openings and plumbing fixtures
  • Interior wall dimensions
  • Overall dimensions, Typical details
  • Structural grid dimensions
  • Sustainability/LEED Solutions
  • Wall sections at all typical conditions

Construction Documents - Emphasis on Documentation

We provide construction-ready documentation to have an error-free workflow.

We provide construction documents and specifications including architectural construction drawings, civil and structural construction drawings, and MEP construction drawings. They entail floor plans, elevations, sections, schedules, and other large-scale details. We render the accuracy of layout dimensions, geometry, colors and textures, material intent, and details of assembling the components along with completeness and coordination of all architectural disciplines that is the essential key to the successful completion of the project. Construction Documents and specifications have all the details, dimensions, and notes necessary to communicate the entire design intent to the builder.

  • All building sections required for construction
  • Contract Documents
  • Electrical power and lighting plans, schedules, details and notes
  • Exterior elevations fully annotated
  • Floor plans fully annotated
  • Foundation Plan
  • Framing Plan(s)
  • General notes and detailed notes
  • Wall sections at all conditions
  • HVAC Plans
  • Landscaping Plan
  • Mechanical plans
  • Plumbing Isometrics, Plumbing plans, details and notes
  • Roof Plan
  • Room, wall, door, and window identification
  • Site Plan, Section and detail indicators
  • Structural plans, details and notes
  • Submittal Worksheets and the project manual including specifications in the CSI division

Bidding, Permit and Negotiation

We provide Design Bid Build Services to our clients.

The construction documents sometimes require additional information to get a building permit. This information usually shows that the project complies with the applicable land use, building and energy codes, and other applicable codes and regulations by the city or jurisdiction issuing the permit. We submit these drawings along with the various forms required for the permit application to the local plans reviewer, monitor the progress during the review period, and give additional information or clarifications as requested. We are happy to introduce our clients to several reputable builders we work with and trust. We can also be available to attend interviews and walk-throughs, help you evaluate contractor qualifications, and provide assistance with obtaining and reviewing bids.

Code Compliance Review

Our due diligence ensures that our architectural design services are in compliance.

Our familiarity with various City, State, and Federal Building Codes such as International Building Code (IBC), International Fire Code (IFC), International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) along with our ability to follow industry-specific drafting standards ensures optimum solutions for our clients and ensures code-compliant efficient deliveries of all architectural projects.

Construction Administration – Emphasis on Execution

We constantly boost Our Clients’ confidence by ensuring that the project is within the requirements.

We ensure massing, schedule, and budget satisfaction. We provide field observation services and periodically make our client cognizant of the progress of the work and thereby proactively address any potential issues. We review and approve shop drawings, mockups, and other submittals; prepare change orders, review correspondences. At our site visits, we take photos and write field reports to document the progress, confirm the materials and workmanship are of the quality you agreed to and verify that your contractor’s billings accurately reflect the amount of work completed. At the end of the project, we help you develop your final punch list to ensure all work is completed to your satisfaction.

  • Assure conformance to project construction schedule
  • Assure technical compliance of construction in accordance with design documents and specifications
  • Ensure that all contractor(s) have obtained necessary construction permits
  • Guard the owner against defects and deficiencies
  • Inform the progress of work to the owner(s)
  • Inspect construction punch list at the project completion
  • Observe Construction – Once a week site visit
  • Prepare certificates of payment
  • Prepare change orders, if required
  • Review and approve shop drawings, mockups and other submittals
  • Review and handover all the construction documents to owner at the project completion
  • Review correspondence between the owner and the contractor and take action, if required