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Designs produced will be conceptual in character, indicating the proposed plan form, site plan as well as general approach to plumbing systems. We will outline major plumbing sub- systems to demonstrate that the preferred alternative can be implemented, that it represents the best solution to the requirements of the project, and that it complies with all governing codes and regulations. The design team deliver preliminary HVAC system description to include central plant, duct chases, single lines showing major duct runs, Annual energy consumption (BTUs) per building system, i.e. lighting, HVAC, hot water, etc.

Services Include

  • Hot Water System Design
  • Domestic Water System Design
  • Vent Piping Design
  • Sanitary System Design
  • Hot Water Return System Design
  • Hot Water Heater Design
  • Site Connection
  • Commercial Kitchen Design
  • Commercial Laundry Design
  • Blue Roof Design
  • Rain Water Harvesting System Design
  • Oil To Gas Boiler Conversion
  • New Gas Service
  • New Water Service
  • New Sewer Service
  • Gas Piping Design
  • Gas Load Letter
  • Gas Leak Correction
  • Gas Shutoff
  • Plumbing Riser Diagram
  • Plumbing Fixture Schedule

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Our Plumbing Design Phases