Our Interior Designing Services include Remodeling & Renovation of the projects to make your experience with spaces memorable.

We are people pleasers and pacificators – with over 50 years of experience; we know to provide magnificent outcomes to the clients without compromising with the structure’s functionality and comfortability.

No matter what the size is – ranging from small indoors to lavish hotel lobbies, we are determined to provide solutions that enhance the quality of life aesthetically. Russell and Dawson has provided interior design services for various projects including hotels, educational facilities, healthcare, offices, industrial buildings, etc.


Our focus is on creating designs that represent our client’s needs and budget — and go beyond your expectations. Through strategic space planning, along with the special selection of surface materials, fabrics, art, textures, colors, specialized lighting, and graphics, our team of interior architects and designers brings life to your brand image. Our experts ensure that each stage of work complies with the highest standards of quality assurance.