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Our team of expert structural engineers’ design, analyze, plan, inspect, and research structural components and systems of all types. This involves technical, fiscal, and environmental considerations coupled with the philosophy that our best work is yet to be seen. With relevant experience and expertise, our structural engineering design team prides in delivering sound structural designs. We empower Our Clients to envision the project structure by ascertaining the shift between the design and detailed models and generating a synchronized model-based designs for the project.

Our structural engineers in Connecticut work in tandem with architects, building owners and contractors to design and provide elegant solutions for all types, sizes and levels of complexity of projects. In order to address detailed requirements, we curate the best team of specialist for every project and we are motivated to collaborate and cooperate with third party specialists to yield higher outcomes for Our Clients.

Our Focus​

  • Foundation for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings
  • Column grids
  • Floor and footing elevations
  • Elevator machine room slab and pit elevations
  • Raised and depressed slabs
  • Roof elevation and slopes
  • Stepped footings
  • Foundation beams
  • Geotechnical compliances
  • Foundation for offset conditions
  • Construction joint and control joint layout
  • Concrete column encasements
  • Structural steel reinforced concrete interfaces
  • Beam Services
  • Slab openings
  • Special structural details – x-bracing, beam bracing, outriggers etc.
  • Site retaining walls
  • Excavation systems

code compliance

Our Structural Design Phases