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At Russell and Dawson, we understand your vision that goes beyond square footage. You need a space that inspires, performs, and reflects your brand. That’s where our team of passionate architects step in.
We combine decades of experience with a commitment to build design solutions. Our licensed and certified professionals have tackled projects ranging from new buildings to intricate renovations. We navigate the complexities with a collaborative approach, keeping you as part of the creation process.

Our Focus

We’re a bunch of design thinkers fueled by creativity and a dedication to pushing boundaries. We believe in the power of “space-making” – crafting environments that not only function flawlessly but also elevate your brand and user experience. Here’s what sets us apart:
• Problem-solving vision: We don’t just follow plans; we identify challenges and propose innovative solutions.

• Multi-pronged approach: We consider every aspect, from functionality to aesthetics, ensuring your final space meets your expectations.
• Focus on inclusion: Our diverse team brings a wealth of perspectives to the table, fostering a richer design experience.

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Our Architectural Design Phases