Construction Services

Modern buildings must not only portray spellbinding beauty but a high-level of strength and endurance that can only be promised through well-planned and executed construction process.”

The construction and development industry all over the world has boomed because of technological progress (BIM, VR, IoT, Collaboration tools, Drone inspections, Geo-fencing, GPS accuracy etc.) that has made it possible to bring out architectural beauties like never before. This is why construction has remained as the pivoting aspect in development planning and infrastructure development.

Construction, over the years, has also advanced in terms of strength promised, materials used, skills implemented and technologies leveraged, but without planned construction activity, not much can be achieved in terms of building strength and endurance.

Russell and Dawson offers construction services (design-build contractor, CM-construction management, GC-general contractor) to clients across various markets such as hotels, motels, residential, commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare etc. in New England/Northeast states – Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island.

We are driven by our philosophy of offering client’s needs specific construction services to our clients while keeping in mind their requirements as well as budget. We offer turnkey construction services for all types of hospitality, residential, commercial, educational, government and industrial projects.

Our Experience

Russell and Dawson has rich experience in undertaking and managing various construction projects including new construction projects, renovations, restorations, historic preservation, rehabilitation, and general project administration. Our expert construction professionals ensure consistency in delivering projects as per requirements with high standards of operational excellence.


We carry out all aspects of the construction project from conception to completion with our planning, architecture design and engineering (structural, MEP, HVAC etc.) professionals.

General Contractor

We work as a general contractor and complete the project as per the plans and specifications provided by the project owner.

Construction Management

We are either a Design Build Contractor or a General Contractor and execute the project within the agreed maximum price and schedule.


  • Pre-design
    • Initial review of owner’s program; development of project scope + criteria
    • Research, market study, pre-planning, and site selection services.
    • Due diligence; refinement of project criteria and collection of pertinent data
    • Qualified coordination with regulatory agencies in the entitlement process
    • Development of final program
  • Schematic Design

    • Definition of an integrated approach to the program
    • Development of a customized design concept; site planning to interior elevations
  • Design development & Constructional documentations
    • Coordination among all disciplines
    • Detailing and specifications of materials and finishes
    • Development of construction schedules and cost estimates
    • Value engineering
  • Construction – Bidding + Negotiation & Construction Administration
    • Construction supervisory consultation
    • Review of shop drawings
    • Issuance of field reports, certifications
    • Response to contractor requests
    • Execution of project close-out and owner manual

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Our Promise

We are focused on client satisfaction and believe in building long-term trust by delivering expected results in terms of  construction quality, timely delivery, within budget. With our design-build construction services we are taking complete ownership of managing the risk of delivering a total integrated project.

Image of red bricked Hotel Fairfield Inn and Suites design-build Construction service by RussellandDawson