Construction Services

Russell and Dawson Inc. is one of the longest-serving Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firm in the history of Connecticut. We are professionally licensed firm offering adept and holistic array of full spectrum of construction services entailing design-build, general contracting and construction management services to our clients across various cities and towns in Connecticut.

Our Focus

We deliver an experience through our services.

Our primary goal is to meet the requirements of our clients and deliver functionally and financially viable projects. We establish proactive and transparent communication with our clients regarding the project’s program, budget, and schedule, and prioritize their needs and expectations throughout the construction process. Our main focus is to provide exceptional quality construction services to achieve our client’s vision and exceed their expectations.

Our Project Delivery Method

Traditional Design-Bid-Build

Our company follows the traditional project delivery method used in the U.S. construction industry, which consists of three main phases: design, bid, and build. As a Design-Bid-Build contractor, we oversee the construction contract for the owner. We carefully review the design plans and collaborate with the architect to obtain additional details and clarifications on the project. This helps us to produce accurate, flexible, and feasible construction schedules and plans. We strive to ensure that the build phase is a faithful representation of the design phase, from our construction plans to coordination and final execution.

Design-Build - "Fast Track" Processes

Our company offers a comprehensive and integrated design-build method that combines architecture, engineering, and construction management services under one roof, providing a smooth transition for projects from start to finish. As a design-builder, we offer a wide range of services including needs assessment, estimation, planning, design development, architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction administration, and project close out. To ensure cost-effectiveness, quality craftsmanship, and on-site safety, we implement site-specific programs. With a qualified and experienced team of designers and construction professionals, we are committed to delivering high-quality projects within budget and on-time.

Our Services


  1. Budget analysis
  2. Building system analysis
  3. Code/zoning review
  4. Constructability review
  5. Consultant coordination
  6. Development of plans and specifications
  7. Feasibility studies
  8. Financing
  9. Life cycle costing
  10. Permits
  11. Prepare Health and Safety Plan
  12. Procurement plan
  13. Project development
  14. Remedial action work plan
  15. Scheduling
  16. Site evaluation/selection
  17. Tendering and Contracting Work
  18. Value engineering

General Contractor

Our company is a licensed General Contractor based in Hartford, Connecticut, and we specialize in providing comprehensive general contracting services for construction projects. We work closely with subcontractors to ensure that each project is executed with precision. As the main contractor, we are responsible for overseeing every aspect of the construction project, from selecting the right subcontractors to ensuring the availability of necessary materials and equipment. Our top priority is to ensure the smooth development of the project, and we do so by carefully considering all the important aspects of construction, including on-site supervision, plan review, anticipating and addressing potential problems, and providing comprehensive knowledge and required resources. We are committed to delivering high-quality projects that meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Bidding and Contract Award

  1. Administration with recommendation for prime contract awards
  2. Assist in distribution of plans and specifications
  3. Assist in formulating responses to prospective bidders’ questions
  4. Assist in pre-bid meetings
  5. Attendance at the bid opening
  6. Bid the project to prospective prime contactors
  7. Bidding strategies
  8. Conduct direct purchase vendor selection or bidding
  9. Determine insurance and bonding requirements of subcontracts
  10. Ensure compliance with federal laws, regulations and procedures
  11. Plans and specifications for public bid package
  12. Prepare subcontracts
  13. Provide bidders’ list of any bid program


  1. Building the foundation
  2. Cost Control
  3. Develop and manage quality assurance/quality control plan
  4. Full/Part Time Field Coordination
  5. Installing windows, doors, vertical transportation
  6. Quality Control
  7. Review the Shop Drawing and Submittal Process
  8. Safety
  9. Schedule Control
  10. Site Preparation works
  11. Structure and exterior envelope including roof

Construction Management

As Construction Managers, our team of experts utilizes industry-proven tools and best practices to effectively manage the unique complexities of construction projects, from initiation to completion. We take charge of complete planning, design, and construction processes, which include reviewing submittals, change orders, invoices, certified payrolls, and other important documentation. Our proactive approach enables us to identify potential issues early on, mitigate risks, and control costs to ensure timely completion of project milestones and goals within budget. During the pre-construction phase, we provide an early cost estimate for the project, and as more information becomes available, we progressively refine each building system to ensure that the project is feasible and successful.

    • Types of Our Construction Management Service:

      1. As an Agency

        Our Construction Manager is responsible exclusively to the owner and acts in the interest of the owner throughout each stage of the project aiding the owner to make/manage critical decisions about a project.

      2. At Risk

        In this methodology, Our Construction Manager will be responsible to the owner for project schedule and to the subcontractors for their timely payment.

Project Closeout

  1. Assist in move-in requirements
  2. Closure activities
  3. Complete vendor and contractor submission of all documents
  4. Exterior landscaping, planting and hardscape
  5. Help with warranty issues
  6. Project handover to the Owner
  7. Re-inspection of all construction
  8. Substantial completion and final inspection
  9. Testing and commissioning