Russell and Dawson Inc. is one of the longest-serving Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firm in the history of Connecticut.

We are professionally licensed firm offering adept and holistic array of full spectrum of construction services entailing design-build, general contracting and construction management services to Our Clients in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia.

Our Experience and Expertise

Our leadership team possess more than 55 years of collective experience which is reflected in their adroit and proficient overhaul of different projects from conception to completion.

With addition of construction services in the year 2017, we have emerged as a desired firm for many hotel design-build construction projects of various established hospitality brands such as IHG, Marriott and Hilton for new development, conversion, adaptive re-use, renovation and remodeling projects.

Our team of construction professionals ace in employing advanced construction methods to execute intricate task in any complex situation with finesse. We offer one stop solution to Our Clients for all their construction needs by being committed to quality work and timely execution.

Our team of professionals hail extensive expertise in the construction field, allowing us to synergize innovative construction methods and accountable project management services to complete the task with precision. To achieve this, we work in tandem with our architects, engineers, subcontractors, and clients to have clear communication and team-coordination at every stage of the process.

Our Focus

We deliver an experience through our services.

We aim at attaining Our Clients’ requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project. We act to establish proactive and lucid communication about the program, budget, and schedule of the project to Our Client, we keep their need and expectation always in priority. Our main focus is to provide impeccable quality of construction services to attain Our Client’s vision and expectation.

We are driven with the values of mutual trust and respect with not only Our Clients but also subcontractors and vendors to construct a better future.

How Do We Work

Our Project Delivery Method

We have a wide ranging experience with each of the following project delivery methods:

  • Traditional Design-Bid–Build

Embracing the traditional project delivery method of the U.S. construction industry, we offer the owners to build the project in three main phases- design, bid and build.

As a Design-Bid-Build contractor, we administer the construction contract for the owner. Further, we review the design plans and coordinate with the architect to receive further detailing and clarifications on the project to produce construction schedules and plans that are accurate, flexible and feasible. We also work with the owner to identify the suitable sub-contractors for the project.

From our construction plans to construction coordination and final execution, we ensure that build phase accurately resembles with the design phase.

  • Design–Build -“Fast Track” Processes

Through our complete integrated services of a design-build method, i.e. architecture, engineering and contraction management under one roof, we provide seamless transition to a project – from inception to completion.

We as a design-builder provide services including need assessment, estimation, planning, design development, architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction administration and project close out.

The design-build mechanism facilitates the most thoughtful harmonization between the owners, designers and the contractors, thus meeting the most ambitious schedules. We optimize overall cost-effectiveness, quality craftsmanship and on-site protection by implementing site-specific programs.

Through this high level of collaboration between design and construction team along with the resources, we offer a unique set of professional design-build services to achieve Our Clients vision from the project with efficiency. Our qualified and experienced designing and construction team, produce high-quality projects on-time and within the budget. We provide our expert knowledge at every step of the process- from concept to delivery, acting as a single source of responsibility and a single point of contact for Our Clients.

If you have not decided about which method to employ, we will be happy to elucidate how each one potentially affects the schedule, budget and process, making it easy to choose the most appropriate path for the project.

General Contractor

We are a licensed General contractor company based out of Hartford, Connecticut providing general contracting services for construction projects with specialization in hospitality, commercial and industrial construction.

While providing our aggregate services, we work in close association with the subcontractors and make sure that the project is executed with precision. Performing as the main contractor, we are responsible for minute details in the course of construction project. Exploring and employing the right set of subcontractors to get the job done and taking care of materials, equipment and any other services required for the smooth development of the project are our top priorities.

We perform our job to execute the project by considering all the important aspects of construction such as on-site supervision, review of plans, roll-out potential problems, provide comprehensive knowledge and required resources. By undertaking efficient inspections of all day-to-day tasks we bring out the effectiveness from the project.

Construction Management

As a Construction Manager, our team of experts employs industry-proven tools and best practices to manage the unique complexities of the project from beginning till completion of the project. We oversee complete planning, design and construction of a project, including but not limited to reviewing submittals, change orders, invoices, certified payrolls, etc.

We represent, advice and consult Our Clients during construction until the final payment is due and during the correction period described in the contract documents. We proactively address potential issues, mitigate risk and control cost to ensure that project milestones and goals are completed on-time and within budget.

We understand that successful planning is vital to any project. Our construction management team gets involved long before the design drawings are on the table. During the pre-construction phase, we provide an early cost model of the project and successively refine each building system as more information is developed. One of our strength is the ability to factor all extraneous costs that can affect a project.

    • Types of Our Construction Management Service:

      1. As an Agency

        Our Construction Manager is responsible exclusively to the owner and acts in the interest of the owner throughout each stage of the project aiding the owner to make/manage critical decisions about a project.

      2. At Risk

        In this methodology, Our Construction Manager will be responsible to the owner for project schedule and to the subcontractors for their timely payment.

Our Services


  1. Budget analysis
  2. Building system analysis
  3. Code/zoning review
  4. Constructability review
  5. Consultant coordination
  6. Development of plans and specifications
  7. Feasibility studies
  8. Financing
  9. Life cycle costing
  10. Permits
  11. Prepare Health and Safety Plan
  12. Procurement plan
  13. Project development
  14. Remedial action work plan
  15. Scheduling
  16. Site evaluation/selection
  17. Tendering and Contracting Work
  18. Value engineering

Bidding and Contract Award

  1. Administration with recommendation for prime contract awards
  2. Assist in distribution of plans and specifications
  3. Assist in formulating responses to prospective bidders’ questions
  4. Assist in pre-bid meetings
  5. Attendance at the bid opening
  6. Bid the project to prospective prime contactors
  7. Bidding strategies
  8. Conduct direct purchase vendor selection or bidding
  9. Determine insurance and bonding requirements of subcontracts
  10. Ensure compliance with federal laws, regulations and procedures
  11. Plans and specifications for public bid package
  12. Prepare subcontracts
  13. Provide bidders’ list of any bid program


  1. Building the foundation
  2. Cost Control
  3. Develop and manage quality assurance/quality control plan
  4. Full/Part Time Field Coordination
  5. Installing windows, doors, vertical transportation
  6. Quality Control
  7. Review the Shop Drawing and Submittal Process
  8. Safety
  9. Schedule Control
  10. Site Preparation works
  11. Structure and exterior envelope including roof

Construction Management

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Add-Alternate Cost Savings
  3. As-Built Drawings
  4. Assist In Material Selection And Procurement
  5. Ensure technical compliance of construction and installation with design documents and specifications
  6. Budgeting And Cost-Estimating
  7. Change Order Review
  8. Continual Design Coordination
  9. Contract Negotiations
  10. Contract Review
  11. Coordinate Utilities
  12. Coordinating Regular Progress Meetings
  13. Coordination of Permits And Inspections
  14. Cost Controls & Reporting
  15. Critical Path Method (CPM) Master Scheduling
  16. End-To-End Project Management
  17. Estimating
  18. Existing Site Condition Analysis
  19. Facilitate Preparation Of Final Record Drawings
  20. Fast Track Construction
  21. FF&E Installation
  22. Field Supervision
  23. Financial Reports
  24. Lean Construction
  25. LEED Certification/Sustainability
  26. Process Certificates For Payment To Prime Contractors
  27. Procurement
  28. Project Meetings And Reporting
  29. Project Phasing
  30. Project Status Reports
  31. Quality Control
  32. Site Logistics
  33. Subcontractor management
  34. Warranty follow-up
  35. Work & safety plans

Project Closeout

  1. Assist in move-in requirements
  2. Closure activities
  3. Complete vendor and contractor submission of all documents
  4. Exterior landscaping, planting and hardscape
  5. Help with warranty issues
  6. Project handover to the Owner
  7. Re-inspection of all construction
  8. Substantial completion and final inspection
  9. Testing and commissioning