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    Changes in Hospitality Design Architecture to bounce back from Covid Pandemic

    The hospitality business has endured extraordinarily during the pandemic as a result of the slowdown in business and leisure travel. But, the continuous difficulties of worldwide health and the environmental emergency have pushed the business to ask what else hotels can be for individuals and networks. This year, the hotel business has a chance to rethink itself through strong, human-driven plans that interface individuals with space by changing the hospitality design architecture.

    The architects and engineers working in the Hospitality Design Firms are trying to reshape hotels to promote the well-being of the guests by identifying new approaches to wellness and sustainability.

    Increased focus on health and wellness of the guests

    The business won’t bounce back to regular occupancy levels until visitors can be guaranteed their visit will not contrarily sway their wellbeing. Hotels can assist with moderating this dread by sloping up cleaning efforts and ensuring visitors know I set which explicit disinfection and cleansing measures up to guarantee their wellbeing. Many hotels brands have reported utilizing electrostatic sprayers with medical clinic grade sanitizer to disinfect surfaces all through their hotel chains. Fever scanners at passageways may turn out to be more normal and could promise visitors that they are entering the safe and secure building. Numerous hotels are making the extra stride of recruiting consultants to ensure their cleaning conventions adequately dispense with microorganisms. Also, hotel staff should be enforced to wear personal protective equipment which ensures the safety of the staff, as well as the guests, feel assured by this sight. New hotels are also considering replacing metal or plastic doorknobs and furniture handle with copper which has been shown to kill bacteria.

    Hands-free Experience

    Hotels are caught up with investigating approaches to decrease the quantity of high-touch areas that can spread disease. Mechanized innovation, for example, hands-free faucets and toilets offer one arrangement. Numerous hotels have effectively changed to mobile check-ins that kill the need to connect with the front desk area and empowers a cell phone to fill in a room key. More hotels will probably add this innovation going ahead.

    Beyond these hotels should think about bringing down the number of touchpoints in eateries and dining spaces. Visitors are probably going to see all the more exclusively wrapped “grab and go” food choices in the short term, with self-serve salad and breakfast bars supplanted completely by staff stationed counters.

    Promoting Sustainability

    Sustainable tourism is where guests can engage with nature and take up activities like cycling, walking, hiking in a beautiful environment. Hotels are trying to focus more on biophilia designs and outdoor spaces so that guests can enjoy healthy activities in outdoor spaces with safe distances. It also includes air purification systems in the rooms along with operable windows. Hotels are also working towards vitamin C-infused showers.

    Reshaping hotel amenities

    People are accustomed to ‘work from anywhere instead of the ‘work from home lifestyle. Hotels are trying to deploy a business mixed with leisure design. As a Hospitality Architectural Design Service provider, we can partner with hospitality clients to design a hotel into a sustainable, wellness-focused environment apt for relaxing, adventuring, and working from home.


    We live in an inevitably complex world where fast change is testing the way we live, work, travel, and play. Our in-house team of Hotel Architects and Engineers have years of experience in hospitality design which allows them to assist customers with exploring this time of phenomenal change. Our group has profound aptitude in market patterns, systems, operations and money offering help to the clients to make informed choices.


    Working intimately with our architectural design associates, we comprehensively approach each task determined to accomplish a critical spot that adjusts the actual setting, the client’s vision, evolving and changing market characteristics, with the plan’s financial potential.

    • Actual Context

    Does the plan fit the site? From the very beginning, it is fundamental to assess the match between the project site’s attributes with the proposed idea and advancement vision. Will the topography introduce an opportunity or challenge? Is the site easily accessible? Will it consent to the drafting structure? Through a collective cycle with our group of planners and architects, we can ‘test fit’ development recommendations against the actual boundaries of the site.

    • Vision

    A vision of a project is something that should drive the whole strategic planning process. Each incredible project starts with an idea or development vision to arrive at an ideal target. However, the vision should be tried, tested, and calibrated.

    • Market

    A reasonable comprehension of the market conditions is basic to appropriately evaluate the investment and operational risks and rewards related to any proposed project.

    • Financial matters

    Will the project pile up monetarily? To decide this, we should “run the numbers”. This requires displaying the estimated financial performance of the project, that is the “cash in” (incomes), the “cash-out” (working costs), and the subsequent operating profits versus the development costs expected to understand the vision.

    In case there is a silver lining that can be found from the break-in business caused by COVID-19, it is that it has offered all brands a chance to reevaluate how they need to be seen. Hotels with attention on wellbeing and health were a developing pattern before COVID-19. That marking is probably going to turn out to be much more popular now. One envisions another rating framework may even arise that would equitably rate hotels dependent on wellbeing and health rather than the star quality rating that prevails today. We at Russell and Dawson Inc, have great experience in providing Hospitality Design Services which caters to these time of uncertainty.

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