Jewish Community Center, Greater New Haven, CT

Jewish Community Center, Greater New Haven, CT_Russell and Dawson1

Project Details

Property Name : Jewish Community Center, Woodbridge, CT

Services Rendered: Architectural Design Services and Drawings for Pools

Year of Completion: 2018


Building Type
Community Center, Pools
New Haven
A & E


Jewish Community Center (JCC), located at Woodbridge, CT, is one of many Jewish Community Center that provides safe and diverse education and community services to the community. JCC is known for having inclusive education, elderly support, and giving the community a safe environment in times of need. After an unfortunate fire and destruction of many of their amenities in 2016, the JCC did extensive renovations. Among those renovations, client consulted Russell & Dawson to provide architectural design and drawings for pools in the community center. The major challenge of this design was to consider the foundation of the building that existed before the fire while providing a modern and safe environment for pools constructions. Supported by years of experience, Russell & Dawson successfully provided architectural design services and drawings that suit the purpose of the community center, including considerations for the elderly and assist-necessary members. With the extensive partnership and collaboration with Russell & Dawson and other interior contractors, the Jewish Community Center reopened with newly renovated interior and spectacular pools that everyone in the community enjoys.

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