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Extra Space Storage, Hartford, CT

  • 1409, Park St, Hartford, CT
  • 50,300 sq. ft.

Services Rendered

  • Architecture Design – Engineering
  • Construction Administration

Located on Park St, Hartford, this redevelopment project is a fine example of Russell and Dawson’s ability to design the historical exterior of a building, preserving town’s aesthetic values. We provided Architecture Design– Engineering and Construction Administration services for the project.

Russell and Dawson was presented with the challenging task of redevelopment on an existing building, abandoned for a few years in an optimum budget. The facility included a functioning north wing building and the new building will serves as an extension to the existing one.

Some of the key features:

Variety of Storage Units- 14

Total Number of Storage Units- 360+

Load Capacity: 125 PSF (Pound per SQFT)

Project Team

Russell and Dawson provided architecture design services and engineered a 64,000 sq. ft. space for the construction of a new hotel with a project value of $ 15 million.

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