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Wilton High School, Wilton, CT

  • Wilton, CT

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  • Engineering Design Services

Wilton High School is one of the Top-10 High Schools in the State of Connecticut. In 2009, Russell & Dawson provided structural engineering for an addendum to the existing building. After an initial consultation, the major challenge of this project was going to be working in consideration of the existing building, with its original integrity not designed to support the addendum. With vigorous collection of data, engineering analysis, and countless calculations, Russell & Dawson was able to find a way to successfully design and provide the structural engineering needed for the addendum. Due to the excellence of Russell & Dawson’s engineers, the building was not only able to support the addendum with no issue, but had the added structural stability given by the extended design of the addendum. Provided by Russell & Dawson’s team of structural engineers, Wilton High School students now enjoy the extra space and security that comes with the new addition.

The services rendered included Structural Engineering Services in an addendum to the existing structure (Consultation, Data Collection, Engineering Analysis, Calculations, Written Report, Professional Certification).

Project Team

Russell and Dawson provided architecture design services and engineered a 64,000 sq. ft. space for the construction of a new hotel with a project value of $ 15 million.

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