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A.I. Prince Technical School, Hartford, CT

  • Hartford, CT

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  • Engineering Design Services

A.I. Prince Technical School provides state-of-the-art classrooms and industry-standard equipment in every shop to give students (Grade 9-12) a well-rounded 21st-century education. In 2006, Russell & Dawson Inc, an engineering and architectural design firm was asked by the client to provide designs and engineering services for major structural parts of the building. The major challenge was to work with the existing structures of the building while providing the engineering designs the client requested. The architecture design and engineering team of Russell & Dawson was able to, with great success, provide structural engineering services without having to change the integrity of the existing architectural structure. Now A.I. Prince Technical School is one of the best technical schools in the state, providing wide variety of opportunities for youth in Hartford.

The services rendered included Structural Engineering Services (Consultation, Client Meetings, Data Collection, Engineering Analysis, Engineering Design, Preliminary Design, Working Drawings, Site Visits, Evaluation, Analysis and Design and Professional Engineering Certification for Curb Support Steel for RTU–3, 4, 5).

Project Team

Russell and Dawson provided architecture design services and engineered a 64,000 sq. ft. space for the construction of a new hotel with a project value of $ 15 million.

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